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Signs of throat cancer

Signs of throat cancer

Throat cancer is the term used for cancer that is formed in the tissues of the pharynx. It starts in an area of the throat which is known as larynx consisting of the vocal cords. It is primarily used for talking, swallowing and breathing. It is considered to be a disease in which the malignant cells are located in the tissues of the tongue, lips or mouth. Smoking is the primary cause for mouth and throat cancer. Individuals who excessively consume tobacco and alcohol have higher risks of developing throat cancer. Other factors are regular inhalation of diesel fumes, coal dust and asbestos as well as exposure to sunlight for a prolonged period of time. After the age 50, the occurrence of throat cancer increases and become more prominent in men than in women.

General Symptoms of Throat Cancer

Signs of throat cancer

Several of the early symptoms are quite extensive that is why they are easily confused as symptoms for some other condition or illness.

A few of the common symptoms linked to throat cancer are:

  • Earaches which are chronic
  • Sore throat which is chronic
  • Speaking can be difficult
  • Lymph nodes are enlarged
  • There is feeling of numbness in the face
  • The voice is hoarse
  • Swallowing can be painful
  • Sores can be observed in the mouth or on the tongue

The presence of throat cancer can be determined by how long the symptoms will persist. If these symptoms become chronic or will persist for a long period of time, then this could indicate malignancy. In case you suffer from any combination of these symptoms, you have to seek medical attention immediately. Even if you do not have throat cancer, medical attention can be important in order to rule out any other potentially serious underlying cause. The chronic symptoms are:

  • Breathing is difficult
  • Speech or voice is lost
  • Face is damaged
  • Skin deformities
  • There is acute pain when swallowing

Throat Cancer Remedy

Various factors should be taken into consideration before you decide to take the right treatment because it could be risky and complicated. Both the stage of development as well as the location of the cancer can influence the treatment which could also impact your speech.

Treatment is determined by the kind of tumor and the extent to which the cancer has spread. The most common methods of treatment for curing throat cancer are surgery and radiation therapy. Usually, surgery can involve complete removal of the larynx or partial incision of the vocal cords. A hole is made in the neck through which a tube will be inserted in the windpipe so that the patient can be assisted in breathing. This can either be temporary or permanent. Radiation therapy is the method in which the cancerous cells from a localized area are damaged through high powered rays. Radiation therapy is accompanied with surgery if recurrence of the tumor occurs following surgery. Moreover, chemotherapy is performed if the cancer has spread to other portions of the body.