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Pancreas pain

Pancreas pain

Inflammation of the pancreas is called pancreatitis, characterized by pain in the pancreas area. The pain may be recurrent as pancreatitis may be acute or chronic. The cause of pancreatitis are numerous, including of which are alcohol abuse, trauma to the pancreas, abuse of steroidal drugs, disease of the gallbladder, and many other factors. The worst of which is cancer in the pancreas – that is, the malignant neoplasm of the pancreas. The main factors of acquiring cancer of the pancreas are attributed to old age, obesity, smoking, and diabetes mellitus. The symptoms of pain in the pancreas are different depending on the condition or causes.

Symptoms of Pancreas Pain


Pain in the abdominal area is not conclusive of pain in the pancreas. This is due to various underlying causes which cannot be ascertained until after thorough examination or medical procedure. Also, pain in other parts of the body aside from the abdomen may suggest that the pancreas is in trouble.

Enumerated herein below are the different symptoms of pain in the pancreas:

  • A sudden pain in the upper portion of the abdomen that reaches to the nearby areas like the back is the common symptom of pancreas pain. This is the most common symptom or sometimes called the hallmark symptom, however not conclusive, of pancreatitis.
  • Pancreas secrete pancreatic juice simultaneously when a person is eating. When the pancreas is in trouble, the secretion of such pancreatic juice is hampered and produces a ripple effect on the body. This causes the nutrients to be inappropriately absorbed by the body, or not absorbed at all, leading to loss of appetite, deficiency in vitamins and nutrients, loss of weight, and other relative effect.
  • A person may have developed jaundice as a result of hampered bile duct due to disease of the pancreas.
  • Since disease of the pancreas may effect in the reduced production of insulin, a person may develop diabetes as a result.

Pancreas Pain Treatment

In treating pain in the pancreas, a diagnosis must first be made. A pain in the abdominal region is not conclusive of pancreas problem as there are many organs within the abdominal region. In most cases, however, elevated levels of amylase and lipase are clear indicia of problem with the pancreas. The underlying cause of pancreatitis must be dealt with appropriately such as gallstones. Diet of persons with pancreatitis must be monitored to keep the symptoms to minimal. Analgesic medication provide immediate relief for pancreatitis pain. But in severe cases such as cancer of the pancreas, surgery or chemotherapy are the treatment options. However, there is relatively low prognosis for cancer of the pancreas.